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Ernie Lindsey

Warchild: Pawn | Book 1 of The Warchild Series (Kindle and ePub)

Warchild: Pawn | Book 1 of The Warchild Series (Kindle and ePub)

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All she wanted was a chance to make her own way. War will force her to make history.

Don't ask me how or why the world ended, because I can't tell you.

Society collapsed long before Caroline Mathers was born.

As an enlisted army scout, her duty is to patrol the surrounding forests and warn the citizens of her tiny outpost if danger is near. It's usually a quiet life...

...until the day she hears the terrifying beat of distant war drums echoing throughout their valley.

Something long suspected, but never believed, is finally happening. An invasion is coming.

Nothing less than the power of a timeworn legend can save Caroline's people now. Or so she thinks, because there are whispers of a prophecy from long ago...

"And a girl shall lead them."

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