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Ernie Lindsey

Sara's Past: A Psychological Thriller | Book 2 (Kindle and ePub)

Sara's Past: A Psychological Thriller | Book 2 (Kindle and ePub)

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Suspense lurks around every corner in the exciting sequel to the USA TODAY bestselling psychological thriller, SARA'S GAME...

*** *** ***

This is no game.

Eighteen months after Sara's terrifying encounter with a demented kidnapper, life has finally returned to normal. Almost. Her memories of the game still haunt her dreams, and every day society appears to go a little bit crazier. Around the world, from London to Rio to Moscow, a small terrorist group known as The Clan eliminates targets one by one. Are they really connected in some way, as the media claims, or is it simply coincidence?

All Sara wants is to live a safe, quiet life with her children.

On a damp, fall morning, however, she receives chilling news from Detective Emerson Barker that's both alarming and unthinkable, plunging her weary family headlong into another desperate fight for survival: 
"You're the next target."
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